Event: KnockEveryDoor, Saturday, 2/25/17 at 1:00PM

Hi folks, I am Chris Hon, co-chair of the Liaison Committee. In the interest of broadening our group and connecting with the community, we’re going to be heading out into Fullerton this Saturday to knock on some doors. This is an opportunity to talk to ordinary people about the Trump-Republican agenda and what we’re doing about it.

If we’ve learned anything from this election cycle, it’s that we have to engage with everyone and can’t afford to write anybody off. We hope to talk to everyone we can, and while we’re out, register voters, recruit sympathetic folks to our cause, and make our movement that much more powerful.

Please sign up to attend! https://www.facebook.com/events/270448176701850/ Message or comment to Chris Hon ON FACEBOOK  with any questions.