Keep Calling!!!

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Borrowed from “Stronger Together”: Keep CALLING!!

Hello, magnificent fighters! Things are so freaking weird, yes? In the last few weeks I have been talking to a lot of other group leaders about where we are in this resistance/persistence movement. One thing several people were concerned about was that there has been a noticeable drop in calls to members of Congress and all those various offices, and the calls are the most effective way we have to express ourselves right now unless you are in DC and your MoC agrees to meet with you in person. So, please keep up with the calls. Keep the actions and encouragement coming. It feels like we are at some kind of tipping point right now, so let’s seize the opportunity to pressure the hell out of everyone we can. On the phones, I have been focusing on all things Russia lately.

There are many fronts we can choose to focus on nationally and locally. Remember, there are no such things as distractions – educate yourself on the issues most important to you and take action, and share the actions you are taking with the rest of us. Groups like ours and others are creating change, and we must keep at it and build momentum as we can. We have added another 800 fighters to this group in the last few weeks, so if you are new – Welcome! I am so proud of us. Thank you all.