Visit to Rep. Royce’s Brea Office at 12:00PM To Demand An Independent 9/11 Style Investigation March 27 @ 12:00 PM

The grassroots efforts of constituents, like us, across the country compelled our congressional leaders to pause and reconsider the thoughtless tendency to vote lockstep along partisan lines on legislation that would have been disastrous. Our voices made a difference, which we celebrate today. But we cannot give up the fight. We must persist as hearings continue this week regarding Gorsuch’s confirmation and Russian meddling with our election. To that end, we will visit Rep. Royce’s Brea office as a group and ask that he, as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, demand an independent 9/11 style investigation of Russian interference with our election, including possible collusion with the Trump campaign. And we will continue daily phone calls and emails to Royce about this, along with daily calls/emails to Senators Feinstein and Harris asking them to filibuster and, if it comes to it, vote “NO” on Gorsuch’s confirmation as Supreme Court Justice.