CALL Feinstein and Harris to Publicly State a Filibuster on Gorsuch

Feinstein Gorsuch Harris

Call Senator Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris to respectfully demand they filibuster Gorsuch’s confirmation.

Gorsuch vote has been pushed back a week, due to pressure on Democratic Senators to oppose him.

Thanks to grassroots resistance, half of the Senate Democratic caucus have publicly stated their intention to support a filibuster.  Sen Feinstein still hasn’t committed to supporting a filibuster and could hurt momentum.  Kamala Harris is especially interested in collecting constituent opinions right now.  Call her office too!  If you’ve already called, thank you and please keep doing so.  Lastly, forward this message to your friends in California asking them to make calls as well.

The Supreme Court and freedoms are at stake.

Sample script:
“Hi, my name is (your name) from (zip code) in (city). I’m calling to let the Senator know that I oppose Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court and I support a filibuster against his confirmation. Thank you for your time.”

Click on photo above to view all Members of Congress contact information.