April 21 – just a little south of our district.

We gathered outside the Santa Ana Country Club to ask Ed Royce for a Town Hall. Inside, he spoke at the Associated General Contractors of California Lunch Summit .

Santa Ana Country ClubSanta Ana Country Club

The Congressman avoided us going into and exiting from the country club.

We were told when we arrived at the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, that he was already inside and asked that protesters be removed from the property, and we were tipped off that his staff were trying to plan an escape route via a side door and getaway SUV so he wouldn’t have to see us. We positioned ourselves on the sidewalk at both driveways which sent him into a tail spin. He ended up sending three men to distract us at one of the driveways while he tuck and rolled into the back of a car and peeled out before we could notice (his staff had a nice laugh at our expense). A few minutes later police arrived and told us they’d been called because of a protest (Anaheim PD were great – see video).

It’s astounding the lengths this snowflake went to, just to avoid even being seen by a dozen regular constituents standing out in 93 degree heat just wanting to ask him for a Town Hall. #INDIVISIBLECA39 #ResistPersistActivist #Action

Still can’t believe his staffer called the police on us.