WE ARE THE 39th! Video Project

WE ARE THE 39th! Video Project

WE ARE THE 39th!

A video project designed for the Indivisible CA 39 that showcases the diversity of CA congressional district 39 and the issues that the people of this district are struggling with.
This will be a personal presentation that can resonate with our representatives so they may not only hear the many human stories of their constituents, but empathize enough to help them make decisions in congress with faces in mind, not statistics.

STYLE: A selfie style video, using smart phones or other recording devices, with the person telling their own story. This style is a cost-effective way that will reflect realism, honesty and a modern way of communication. It will also give it appeal to Internet and social media viewers.

ISSUES PRESENTED: We will cover a wide variety of issues that are essential to the constituents of the district. These should be based on, and backed by data and research so we may include these numbers and statistics in the videos.

DISTRIBUTION: The fully edited version will be delivered directly to congressional and other elected officials in the district on a thumbnail drive and via email. It will also be posted on social media and sent off as part of press release to local and national media.

Future plans for a long-term project that can keep sharing stories of our people include:

⁃ An online archive of all videos.
⁃ Expanding some of the more compelling stories into full segments.

TEAM: This project will be a volunteer driven and “in-kind” sponsored project. Local
Film Producer, Ahmad Zahra will spearhead, alongside Indivisible’s media committee
chair, Renee Villalobos, a wonderful team of volunteers to put together this important
project. Most of our volunteers are either part of the Indivisible CA 39 group or live in
this district. We want this to be a local effort.

GUIDELINES: These guidelines are meant to help participants record their videos in the most effective way. However, we welcome comments or suggestions to improve these guidelines. We hope this would be an organic interactive process between the production team and participants. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any help.

  1. Use your smart phone video (HD setting only). You may use another HD camera of your choice.
  2. We prefer HORIZONTAL framing. Use Vertical framing only if you must.
  3. You may record the video SELFIE style or use a tripod.
  4. Make sure you have adequate lighting.
  5. You have freedom to frame the video as you prefer. Close ups, head and shoulder shots or standing are all fine as long as it’s clear. You can if you wish film something or someone other than your self to illustrate your point (e.g. A person in need or a run down care center) but this must be a real image of an issue in the district that affects you personally and not something you found on the internet.
  6. Record video indoor in a QUIET room with no echo. Phone audio is acceptable, but feel free to use a good microphone, if you can.
  7. Record between 2-5 min. If you want to record longer, please contact us first.
  8. State your name, zip code (you must live in congregational district 39 – Ed Royce’s district) and whatever else you feel would describe yourself as a constituent.
  9. Describe the issue that concerns you the most and how it affects you personally and what you’d like your congressman to do about it. Keeping to one issue is best. Be clear and concise. Keep in mind that a personal story is the best way of getting your message across.
  10. End your statement with “I live in the 39th and I vote”

Sample Statements:
Here are two samples that may be used as a guide, but by no means to restrict your messaging.
You may use your own phrasing, words, stories or style.
Remember, this is your voice, your issue, your passion and your story.

Sample one:
Hi, my name is _____ and I live in district 39. Zip code _____
I’d like to ask Mr Ed Royce to listen to us.
I’m concerned that he’s ignoring us.
I feel ignored.
I’d hope he can hold an in-person town hall meeting so I can voice my concerns.
After all I live in district 39 and I vote.

Sample two:
Hi, my name is _____ and I live in district 39. My Zip code is _____
I’m not paid to say this.
I’m just sending you a message Mr Royce because I wanted you to see me.
I reply on the affordable care act for my well being.
It save my life and I wanted you know that if you take it away, you’ll know the person who you’ll be hurting.
I’d like to ask you Mr Royce to keep the ACA and help me stay healthy.
After all I live in district 39 and I vote.

Once you’re satisfied with your video please email video to:

Ahmad Zahra

If video is too large to email, please email the producer for delivery arrangements.

Please state your name and phone number. We will email you back confirming the receipt of our video and a release form to sign. Please sign the form and email it back as we are unable to use your video without that consent form.
You may also download the release form for your video here → WE ARE THE 39th! Video Project Release Form

Download this post as a printable flyer → We Are The 39th Project Guide