Clean and Green Fullerton – REMATCH

Clean and Green Fullerton – REMATCH

On July 18th, at Fullerton City Council, Mayor Whitaker voted “NO” on a “Clean & Green” City Resolution that would have reaffirmed our city’s commitment to fighting pollution and climate change.

Ahmad Zahra had introduced this Resolution to the city to keep our city safe and healthy for all of us. We had two “yes” votes but we needed 3.

The fight for a Clean & Green city isn’t over. In a move to save this Resolution, Council Member Chaffee deferred the vote until the August 1st meeting. We will have a full council seated then, and we will need YES votes from Council Member Jennifer Fitzgerald and/or Council Member Greg Sebourn.

Let all of us who care for a clean city attend and speak out. The people have a voice. Let it be heard!

Clean & Green City


See August 1st on the Event Calendar – here