Celebration – Goodbye Trumpcare


We are so happy to see Sarah Goodwin Celebrating for us all, at the US Capitol with Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris,  for the defeat of Trumpcare last night.

Sarah’s smile says it all!

Last night was one for the books! Honored to stand beside hundreds of other concerned citizens at the US Capitol to protest another vile attempt by the republican party to overthrow the ACA. Healthcare is a human right and I will always fight to defend it! As our group stood outside the Capitol for over six hours, I was so inspired to hear the many examples of bravery and perseverance coming from everyday people who have sacrificed so much to defend those in their homes and communities. And while I’m so grateful to every democratic senator as well as the three republican senators who bravely voted no last night, it was a dream come true to meet two of my own personal heroes last night. These two women continually fight for the rights and freedoms of Americans across the country, often in the face of extreme adversity. I know the struggles we face under this oppressive administration are far from over, but I’m so inspired to keep fighting. #trumpcareprotest #shepersisted #healthcareisahumanright

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