Protest Royce’s Tax Increases

Protest Royce’s Tax Increases

On November 16, 2017 Ed Royce once again has voted with Trump and Party over the people of his community and California.

Protest at Ed’s Brea Office  W Birch St and Walnut Ave Brea CA 92821-4958. Rally 4pm to 5pm, Friday Nov. 17, 2017.

He voted YES to pass the Tax plan that will remove deductions and increase our taxes. He is removing disaster relief deductions, so our friends affected by the fires that lost their homes will be hurt even more. The plan removes the deductions for student loans, and hurt those seeking higher education. It will require PhD students receiving financial aid to declare that aid as income. It will also have grad students that work as part of their financial aid to claim the money as income.

The plan cuts Medicaid, free school lunch programs for low-income families, and food stamps. This is among the grand list of inhumane votes he has made that has led us to say Repeal and Replace Royce!

The larger our numbers on Friday, the stronger the message. Let’s tell him that giving corporations tax cuts on our backs is wrong! We need you to show up with us to tell him that his Yes vote in favor of taking the money out of our pockets and giving tax cuts to corporations and the 1%, is the wrong answer. It is against the interest of our community and all of California.

Join us to raise our voices loud and clear against this corrupt vote.

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