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Indivisible CA 39

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Our mission is to engage, educate, and organize a diverse, committed community of District 39 constituents, to effectively engage in the political process, and to defend our values, our neighbors, and ourselves from discriminatory, authoritarian, and unconstitutional actions taken by Donald Trump and his administration.

Part of our culture of diversity is our belief that we don’t all have to agree with each other on every issue to be a powerful team.

We welcome all levels of expertise and strive to maintain a supportive environment for anyone who wishes to learn, engage, and build a stronger community.

As a group, we fight for progressive policies and create partnerships with other organizations. We work to protect and support a thriving democracy.

Our Goals

  • Ensure that California congressional representatives are accountable to local voters and that they reasonably represent their constituents in both spoken positions and legislative actions.
  • Educate local constituents on current and upcoming political issues, increase civic engagement, and, ultimately, to drive higher voter participation.
  • To foster greater community dialogue that builds awareness of and respect for the diversity of race, class, religion, sexuality, and gender in our district, state, and country.
  • Promote a variety of progressive political policies and values and collaborate with other like-minded organizations in doing so.

Getting Involved

As a member, you choose which teams to be a part of based on issues you care about. You can offer support in whatever ways you feel comfortable.  Feel free to contact the team leaders to offer your assistance or to get more information:

  • Contact Leadership – Overall leader, coordinates committees, gives direction for team leaders, maintains membership rolls, puts out “fires”, breaks ties in voting if one should occur, future planning for cohort. Leader: Marian Bodnar
  • Contact Action – plans events, town hall, logistics, and actions in which the cohort may participate. Leader: Viviana Martinez
  • Contact Media Communications – handles all communications between our group and the outside world, such as press releases, media relations, and social media. Leader:  Renee Villalobos
  • Contact Liaison team – works on building our group, collaboration with like-minded organizations, and educating and recruiting voters. Leader: Chris Hon
  • Contact Technology – for photography/videography, A/V, domain e-mail, computer technology, and website issues. Leader:  Harry Langenbacher

Facebook and Website Materials

We have a “closed” Facebook group at Indivisible CA39, established on January 6, 2017 by Marian Bodnar. The membership is 1,611 people as of 10/21/2017.

We have a public Facebook page at Indivisible CA39 established on 2/22/2017.

We established this website  on 2/22/2017, and it is still under development.

We ask that our members use their best judgment when adding friends to our closed Facebook group, so that we can maintain an effective space to share information and ideas. We also ask that you not share anything from our closed Facebook group pages with anyone outside of the group. If you’d like to share something, you can copy and paste from a post once you have permission from the original poster. Please do not take screen shots and please always remove any identifying information unless specifically given permission to include.