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Emergency Healthcare Rally 6pm

Mitch McConnell has the Senate set to vote Tuesday on the motion to proceed to debate and amendments on the House-passed health care bill (i.e. the AHCA.)  In response, activists across the country will rally at the offices of GOP members of congress. We will not forget that Rep. Royce…

There Is No PLANet B

By now you all should know that the man who stood up for the environment against corporate interests and founded the EPA 47 years ago, is buried here in Yorba Linda. Now the man who is destroying the planet for his own interests is in the White-house. We came out…

Flags, Flags, Flags

We got an amazing gift from someone across the country who admires and sympathizes with what we are doing. We share their love of our country and our flag. But specifically, he shares our concern for how our congressman uses his position as chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee…

Support the DREAM Immigration Rally

Thank you everyone who came out for our Support the DREAM Immigration Rally. What wonderful energy, and the children who spoke were the best!! We heard how Royce consistently votes against immigrants. We showed our support for those seeking safety, freedom, and the American Dream.