Tri-County Community Town Hall

Indivisible CA39 and Courage Campaign present:
The Tri-County Community Town Hall with
U.S. Representative Linda Sánchez (CA-38) and
Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (CA Assembly-65).

August 3, 2017 in Fullerton, CA.

These are videos covering the highlights of the Tri-County Community Town Hall, hosted by Indivisible CA39 and Courage Campaign.

Constituents and friends from North Orange County, Southeast Los Angeles County, and West San Bernardino in Congressional District 39 were invited to raise and discuss critical issues of importance in this special community forum with two outstanding elected officials: U.S. Representative Linda Sánchez (CA-38) and Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (CA Assembly-65). Also invited to participate – Rep. Ed Royce the congressman of District 39.

Key to video timelines – each line, below, that begins with a time indicates who spoke and the subject they spoke about at that time into that part of the video.
EXAMPLE “7:00 Ahmad Zahra of Fullerton – What can be done for funding of the arts?” means at 7 minutes into Part 3, Ahmad Zahra asked about what can be done for funding of the arts?
My apologies to those people who I could not properly name.

These are large, high quality videos, but the sound may be garbled in some spots.
All four parts are also available on our YouTube Channel HERE  .


Part ONE
Part ONE length 26:24

0:00 Debra Brunner – Indivisible CA 39 – Intro
0:33 Mahdi Abbas Manji – Courage Campaign
0:54 Anna Gonzales – Planned Parenthood
1:10 Jonathan Mansoori – moderator – introduction of Representatives
1:48 Linda Sánchez’s self-introduction
2:48 Sharon Quirk-Silva’s self-introduction
4:16 Jonathan Mansoori – lays out the ground rules
5:00 Phil Janowicz of Buena Park – What can be done to protect the rights of LGBTQ people?
10:23 Gil Cisneros of Newport Beach – What can we do for Education?
17:17 (Lucent Stoffel ?????) How to prevent Trump’s sabotage of the ACA

PART TWO – length 27:59

0:00 (Susan Perlson ? of Brea ??) – What is your tax policy?
8:44 Julio Castañeda of Buena Park – What is your stance on single payer healthcare and how can we support your efforts?
16:55 (Glen Anderson of Buena Park ???) What about getting people out to vote, and Gerrymandering?

Part THREE – length 25:09

0:00 Harry Langenbacher of Fullerton – What can be done to address the Orange County homelessness crisis?
7:00 Ahmad Zahra of Fullerton – What can be done for funding of the arts?
12:21 Female (no name) – asks for support of SB562 and SB2 – no question asked.
13:15 Female ( Lopez ??? from Fullerton, Buena Park and Anaheim ???) Asks Sánchez how to stop deportations?
21:01 Female ( Rodriguez????? – School Teacher and Union member ) How to protect unions and prevent CA from becoming strictly a “right to work” state.
24:30 Sam Jammal of Fullerton – how can we get voters out in 2018? (this question is answered in Part 4)

Part FOUR – length 25:12

0:00 Answer to Sam Jammal’s question – how can we get voters out in 2018?
8:50 Female (no name) What is your message to those concerned about losing access to reproductive healthcare and education?
12:39 Male (no name) How to legislate against the Citizen’s United decision, and against monopolizing news media, and to preserve net neutrality?
15:57 Male (no name) Do you support American intervention to support our eastern European allies?
18:51 Jennifer Jacobs of Buena Park. How can we convince the absent Ed Royce that we are not out to hurt him, and to think we are not violent?
21:03 Jesus Silva of Fullerton. Thanks for coming. No Question asked.
21:50 Jonathan Mansoori (moderator) asks our representatives “was this helpful?”
25:00 Mahdi Manji – Courage Campaign – thanks the representatives for attending.

These videos are made possible thanks to the sponsorship of
Sam Jammal & Zahra Pictures,
and Filming by Jovanah Aguirre!
Thank You!

All four videos are copyright © 2017 Indivisible CA39, All Rights Reserved